Crafty Clinique

Below is the text of an e-mail that I recently sent to the Clinique company.  Ladies, if you are experiencing these same issues, SPEAK OUT!  Our voices need to be heard.

 To:  Clinique

I am very disturbed by the most recent actions of the Clinique company. I have been a loyal customer for 14 years. However, I was horrified to discover on a recent visit to Macy’s that Clinique had changed all of their foundation compacts.

My color pale no longer exists. I have now been deemed as alabaster. Why would Clinique make such a change without first alerting the customer? I am constantly receiving fliers in the mail about color events and free gift items, but when my makeup is completely changed, I receive no notice whatsoever.

Furthermore, when I purchased my new compact, I was shocked that the price had skyrocketed from $27.00 to $33.00. Why did the price increase? The makeup is still the exact same type and the compact itself is not bejeweled or ornate in any fashion. I do not understand why I should have to pay more for the same product.

Also, I have discovered that I do not receive as much makeup in the new compacts as I did in the old version. So, I am going through more compacts than I used to. One compact used to last me two months. Now, it barely lasts two weeks. I hope that Clinique is not trying to swindle its customers by providing less product at an increased price.

Finally, and the most agitating concern yet, every store seems to continually be out of the color that I need. Today, I went to Dillard’s and was told that they were out of stock. I then went to Macy’s and received the same answer. This problem never occurred with my previous foundation color. I questioned a Macy’s staff member and she checked all of the stores in the greater St. Louis area and was I again was told that all stores were out of stock. How can this be possible from a billion dollar company?

The staff member then told me that Clinique had not anticipated the demand of the new product. What did the company expect? Clinique is not offering the traditional colors in addition to the new colors. The old colors no longer exist. Clinique has replaced each color with another. The demand for the product should not have changed in regards to current Clinique customers. I should not have to waste money on gas to drive around to various locations to see if my product is in stock. I also should not have to pay an increased price by ordering from the Clinique website.

In conclusion, I feel that Clinique is being very thoughtless with its customers and ungrateful for the customers longstanding patronage. Since I suffer from adult acne, it is hard to find products that will not adversely affect my skin, however, I feel that I have no choice but to search for a cosmetic company that truly cares about its customers.


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