Devilish Dealings

My husband was very excited to hear about the Obama Care bill.  I thought that this would be a wonderful opportunity as well.  I would finally be able to receive health coverage for myself without having to attack my poor husband’s paycheck each month.  The idea of the financial freedom that this bill would provide to my family would be invaluable.

However, I began to discover that employers were clamoring to find always around this newly government issued mandate.  To be precise:  some places of employment are cutting their employee’s hours so that they will not have to pay for health care.  This undermines everything that we as a nation stand for.

I understand that the economy is not doing well.  I also understand that finding a job is nearly impossible because of this.  However, how can the established worker now be punished for a bill that he/she had no control in creating and that would actually benefit him/her?  I wonder how these businesses would feel if their health insurance was not being paid for.  What if they had to pay out of pocket for all of their medical expenses? 

If businesses would like to establish a policy that cuts the hours for all newly hired personnel (or future employees), that would make more sense to me than making cuts straight across the board.  Therefore, the business would be required to pay for health coverage for all of its employees that currently work at least 30 hours.  Obama was trying to help the common American when he created this bill.  Instead, he has created a pandemic of businesses trying to protect themselves while hurting their loyal employees.

It appears that businesses would rather have their employees quit in order to save money.  So, everyone should simply leave their jobs to be taken care of by the government via food stamps and the like?  This will put even more strain on the already poor economy and allow little in the way of recovery.  Plus, I believe in working hard for my employer.  I want to be a valuable member of society that earns my way in the world.  However, employers are making this harder and harder to achieve.  Why should I give a business my all if I am literally going to be given nothing in return?



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