Mangled Memories

Now that I am 28, I find that I am becoming quite nostalgic.  And with my 10 year high school reunion coming up in November, I think it has just gotten worse.  Every time I hear an *NSYNC song on my iPod, I am taken back to a simpler time.

Since my husband and I moved into our first house last July, we seem to have acquired more items from our parents.  I suppose they figure that since we have more room, they can rid themselves of items that were being stored at their house.  And that’s when I discovered something horrific.

Most of my beloved childhood items were simply thrown into plastic tubs and bins.  This included the Hush Puppy puppet autographed by Sheri Lewis.  And my ballet shoes that were autographed by the guest ballerina from Russia in 1996.  I was absolutely crushed!  I thought that my parents had been meticulously taking care of these items throughout the years.  Never did I dream that they were being discarded thoughtlessly into a tub with assorted items.

I then began to notice that some items I truly cherished were missing.  I found my Girl Scout uniform, but my Brownie and Daisy items were nowhere to be found.  My Berenstein Bear books had been salvaged, but I quite a few of the books that were staples in my childhood were gone.

How can parents be so thoughtless?  You never know what items mean the world to your child.  My advice?  Parents, save your children’s items in tubs that are clearly labeled.  And do not simply toss the items into the tubs.  Carefully lay the items in the tub and try to store the tubs in a cool dry place (not the non-air conditioned garage!). 

When your child turns 16, ask him/her about the memories that you have saved and see if they truly want to keep the items.  At least your child will have the option of saving their memories and not finding out years later that some have been ruined or thrown away.


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