Troubling Television

While reading a magazine, I discovered something wonderful.  Ben Savage and Daneille Fishel, of “Boy Meets World” fame, will be returning to television with the debut of a new show, “Girl Meets World.”  This show picks up where BMW left off.  We catch up with the married Cory and Topanga who have a daughter.  We will then follow the hilarious and heartbreaking moments that their child faces while growing up.

Someone had commented on Pintrest that the creation of this show “restores their faith in television.”  I have to agree.  I remember rushing home after school to watch the classics, “Family Matters,” “Full House” and of course, “Boy Meets World.”  These shows were staples of my childhood.  I have since bought every season that has been re-released to DVD.  Still, it seems that these shows are that of a dying breed.  People do not want to see heartwarming stories that are inlaid with morals.  Instead, audiences want murder, sex, scandal, etc.  Things that we see every day on the news.  Why would people want to watch these things in their spare time when it is actually happening in the world?

I am one of the few cave women that has refused to purchase cable television.  First, I do not feel that I should have to pay to watch t.v.  Secondly, there is nothing worth watching (except “The Big Bang Theory, of course).  I hate scary movies and I am not a fan of blood.  I also do not care to see people having sex (I thought this was deemed as “porn?”).  I miss the days of wholesome programming.  Even though I am 28 years old, I absolutely love “Bewitched” and “The Mr. Ed Show.”  The jokes never get old no matter how many times I watch the episodes.  And I always feel happy afterward.

Nowadays, I find that the characters on most shows are not relatable.  I do not live in a mansion, own a yacht or take exotic trips like the beloved “Housewives” franchise.  I do not agree with teen moms becoming famous for having poor moral standards.  But, I could relate to the characters on “Family Matters.” We have all had an Urkel in our lives at some point.  The wisdom of Danny Tanner often echoed the words of my own parents.  And I actually grew up right along with Cory as he navigated his way through high school and dating.

While the number of adult rated shows still remains high, I am very excited that at least one show will be bringing back the much needed moral lessons and lovable characters.  Now I will have to find someone with cable to TVO the shows for me…    


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