Vulgar Videos

I am greatly disturbed by what is going on in the music industry today.  Music videos used to be about telling a story.  Isn’t that what songs are supposed to do?  They relate emotions or situations to an audience who (hopefully) can empathize with the sentiment.

However, the new trend is to simply have a male singer stand in one spot singing while naked women parade around him.  For instance, take a look at Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video.  He is literally just standing there while women walk back and forth in front of him.  And when I say walk, I do not mean a sexy, model type walk.  I mean these women are stomping around, breasts exposed, staring into the camera.

I happened to see plug on Vevo for Justin Timberlake’s new video “Tunnel Vision.”  Since I really like his song “Mirrors,” I decided to check it out.  And I was utterly repulsed by what I saw.  Justin is only person clothed in the video.  The rest of the video features naked women feeling themselves up in the dark.

I honestly do not understand what is happening to the creativity of music videos.  Some will argue that this is “art.”  However, I fail to see the artistic value in women being used as sex symbols and nothing more.  And there is no type of interpretative dance occurring, either.  These women are naked simply for the sake of being naked.

Furthermore, these depictions of women are degrading.  The videos show that women are to be prized only for their body.  Nothing in the video highlights female intelligence and certainly does not promote self worth.  It is no wonder that young girls have the horrific self body images that they do.

And why does the reoccurring theme in 90% of songs have to be sex?  There is more to life than singing about sex.  Personally, I do not want to know about Justin Timberlake’s sex life (or anyone else’s for that matter).  I miss the days when music videos told an actual story.  I am very thankful that Taylor Swift still produces such videos.  In the video for “Begin Again,” you actually get to see a new relationship blossom between Swift and the potential boyfriend.  There is a real and tangible plot.  Plus, it mimics the lyrics of the song. 

I seriously hope that more musicians don’t become lazy and resort to using naked women to increase sales.  Besides, there is nothing creative about a woman fondling herself.    I suggest that if today’s artists are stuck for inspiration that they seek the advice of Ms. Swift or the equally compelling P!nk.  These ladies never fail to entertain and continue to show just a powerful a (clothed) woman can be.


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