Maddening Money

Money runs the world.  It is a depressing thought, but a true one.  The rich truly do seem to be getting richer and at the poor people’s expense.

Perhaps what maddens me the most are the people who have married into money.  I know one person in particular who believes that money is the answer to everything. *Sally constantly brags about her husband and how much money he makes.  Yet, on her own, she has no true accomplishments.  She has done nothing exceptional with her life.  And she is more than happy to tell you about all of the various jobs that she has held.

Sally validates herself through her husband’s accomplishments and money.  It just so happens that she decided to quit her current job because she thought it was “too stressful.”  She has since proceeded to tell people that “Well, we don’t really need the money.  Extra income is nice, but we don’t really need it.” 

Wow!  If I had access to that kind of money I would be thanking God every day and night.  To be able to have true financial security would be a dream come true.  What I would NOT do is rub my financial success in other people’s faces.  You have no idea what kind of mixed company you are in when you are shooting your mouth off.

What about the numerous homeless Veteran’s living in Washington, D.C.?  They have truly given everything that they have to this country only to be left with nothing.  And here you have a woman that has gained money, not through working hard and achieving goals, but by marrying someone who has done all of the work for her. 

Another aspect of Sally that frustrates me is that while she was working, she was taking away a job from someone else who desperately needed it.  If she does not have to work, then don’t!  I know plenty of people who would jump at the opportunity to have any type of job just to be making an income.  And Sally’s compassion for others leaves much to be desired.

She had a customer come up to her who began telling his whole life story.  The gentleman had been laid off three times within the same year.  To which Sally responded, “Yeah, it’s hard for some people to find work.”  Really?  And it’s all thanks to people like her that don’t NEED to work that are robbing others of their rightful chances.  My heart goes out to this gentleman who is trying to be gainfully employed to support his family, but has fallen on hard times.  At least he is trying to contribute to society.

This is the question that I would like to pose to Sally:  What if your husband left you?  I know that she brags about how they have been together since high school and they are so in love.  But, what if she caught him cheating?  Would she leave him or forgive him to stay connected to the money?  What if he gave her the boot and she didn’t get a cent of his hard earned money?  What would she do?  Where would she go?

I find it sad that more and more women are basing their marriage decisions on money and not love.  My husband and I are by no means millionaires.  But, we married for love and we work together to support each other.  No one person does everything.  I believe that marriages are partnerships.  If you are to be a valuable partner, you have to pull your weight.  I am sure that Sally does her fair share of contributing to the addition of bills.  Why shouldn’t she work at her own job to pay for the things that she wants instead of draining her husband’s account?

Money is not everything.  There have been many wealthy people that have gone bankrupt and had to start all over.  But, if you are blessed enough to not have to worry about money, please keep it to yourself.  The rest of us worker bees do not want to hear it.


*name changed


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