Deceitful Disney

Ever since I was a toddler, I can remember sitting down every Christmas morning to watch the Disney Christmas Parade.  Since my birthday is actually on Christmas day, I foolishly thought that the parade was for me.  Still, I loved watching my favorite Disney characters dance down the streets of Disney World.  And I still do.

You can imagine my complete surprise when my mother and father-in-law told me that they want to send me and my husband to Disney World for my 30th birthday!  I couldn’t believe it!  I would actually get to attend the parade that I have been watching since…forever!  Even though the trip won’t be until next year (2014), I was pumped.

My parents are also going to assist with the trip as a part of my Christmas/birthday present as well.  Whoo!  So, my mom quickly got online to try to find us the best deal.  She forwarded me the contact information for the person that she had been speaking with.

Quickly, I e-mailed the person to try to book the trip as fast as possible.  I explained that I was really excited to see the big parade live.  Then, the travel agent told me something.  The Christmas day parade isn’t actually on Christmas day.  “Okay,” I thought.  It’s probably a few days before.  That makes sense.  I’m sure all of the stars that perform at the event want to be home with their families on Christmas day.

But I was wrong again.  Disney films the parade A MONTH AHEAD OF TIME!  Can you believe it?  All of these years I have been deceived.  How can Disney get away with plastering the word “Live” on the screen when what we are viewing is something from a month prior?

So, if I want to attend the parade, I will have to go to Disney World in the middle of November?  That is simply ridiculous!  Why would Disney do something so dastardly?  Plus, how many children will be pulled out of school to go to Disney World to attend the parade?  Not many, I’m sure.

My excitement dropped instantly.  I would not get to fulfill one of my life long dreams (and bucket list items) after all.  However, the travel agent pointed out that I can still attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parade and that there will be other fun options since I will be coming down for my birthday.  I decided to book the trip anyway.  You only turn 30 once, right?

Still, I am very unhappy with the Disney franchise.  This type of deceitful behavior is not something that I would have expected from a family friendly venue. 



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2 responses to “Deceitful Disney

  1. Sorry you just found this out, but it is pretty common knowledge. I am 33 and I’ve probably known since I was at least in junior high school. In fact, Regis and Kelly used to host the parade and in November they would say on their show that they just finished filming the Christmas Day parade. It wasn’t a Disney secret. I am really sorry to hear you won’t be able to attend for your birthday. Hopefully, your trip will still be fun and you’ll forget all about missing the Christmas Day parade. I hear the parade at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is awesome. My family will be attending it for the first time this year. Enjoy your trip. 🙂

    • Actually, it is not common knowledge. My parents are in their 60’s and knew nothing about it, and they raised me on Disney. Plus, my in-laws didn’t know as well as my husband.

      As far as Regis and Kelly goes, we do not watch the show. First, we would have been in school back in the day at the time that the show comes on (9:00 a.m.). Secondly, everyone in my family (myself included) works during that time.

      I think that I will still enjoy the trip. I am very excited to get to be some place warm for my birthday! 🙂

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