Hoarding Hallmark

I love ornaments!  Makes sense seeing as my birthday is on Christmas day.  My husband and I also love Snoopy.  We were totally excited when Hallmark announced the Snoopy all Year Round ornament series.

Every month, a new themed ornament will be released.  You can buy the ornament holder, which is Snoopy’s dog house with the word “Happiness Is…” and comes with 12 interchangeable backgrounds to match the ornaments.

We already have Pigpen, Lucy and Linus.  My husband actually went in to Hallmark to purchase Linus (one of my favorites!).  One of the workers asked him if my name was on “the list.”  He said, “She is a member of the ornament club.  I have her card.”  The lady said, “Oh, I’m sure she’s on the list,” and allowed him to purchase the ornament.

I thought this was very odd.  I had never been told about any “list.”  Plus, I receive e-mails from Hallmark when a new ornament in the series is about to be released.

I had just received one such e-mail last Thursday.  It stated that the newest ornament (Snoopy and Woodstock dressed in pilgrim attire) would be available after next Tuesday.  So, we eagerly awaited my husband’s pay check and headed to Hallmark on Wednesday night.  We were told that they had not yet received the shipment, but, that it should come in on Thursday.

So, after I got off of work today, I headed back to Hallmark.  When I arrived, the workers were just putting ornaments out.  They asked if they could help me and I inquired about the Snoopy ornament.  One woman said, “Is your name on the list?”  I said, “I don’t think so, but, I am a member of ornament club.”  The other female worker offered to check the back storage room.

I asked the “list” woman if I could get my name put on said list.  She said, “Sure!”  She then preceded to tell me that they “receive limited quantities of these ornaments and most of them are already spoken for.”

Now, wait a minute!  That is not fair!  These ornaments are available for ANYONE to purchase.  You don’t have to be a member of the ornament club or even had a gold crown card.  Yes, they are limited quantity pieces.  However, there was never mention of any “list” that your name had to be one in order to procure the ornaments in any of the official Hallmark newsletter e-mails that I receive.

How can Hallmark legally do this?  They are withholding merchandise from being sold in order to sell the product to “select” customers.  That seems like corporate nepotism to me.

I am very disappointed in the ethics of the Hallmark company.  I am pretty sure that Charles Schultz wanted everyone to be able to enjoy his Peanuts characters, not just the “chosen few.”


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