Windy Wendy

I have been a fan of the Wendy Williams show for years.  She has awesome guests and I used to love her Hot Topics segment.  Note the words “used to.”


A few weeks ago, she mentioned that Justin Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel, were having some issues making their relationship work.  Justin is currently on tour and filming a movie and Wendy suggested that Jessica should go with him.  I agree.


However, what she said next was simply appalling.  She put a photo of Jessica up on the screen and said, “Ugh, she’s just so boring.”  Boring?  Jessica looked simply gorgeous.  She was wearing minimal makeup and was dressed like a proper lady.  Apparently, Wendy thinks that Jessica needs to change her look by caking on layers of makeup and letting things…hang out, as it were.


This is not the type of message that Wendy should be sending to the younger generation.  Girls are already wearing inappropriate attire starting as early as elementary school.  The last thing they need to be told is to wear even less than they already do.


Furthermore, Jessica is a natural beauty who doesn’t need to hide behind makeup.  And she is perfectly happy with herself just the way that she is.  Unlike Wendy who went under the knife and woke up with a pair of ladies that could rival Ms. Dolly Parton’s.  Why is Wendy being so judgmental?  Jessica knows exactly who she is and what she stands for.  She shouldn’t feel the need to change herself because other people can’t handle it.


Wendy also said that if Jessica decides to accompany Justin on tour, she shouldn’t be his wife.  She should be “that freak in the bedroom.”  What a truly disgusting thing to say!  She is taking the seriousness of marriage and boiling it down to sex.  Sex does not solve problems.  Couples that use sex to stay together will not last long because they are simply masking deeper issues.  


There needs to be a foundation of friendship.  An understanding that you will always be there for that person no matter what.  Especially on the days when he/she feels less than perfect.  Jessica Biel should continue to remain the strong and classy woman that she is.  In fact, Wendy could learn quite a few things from her.

Later on in the same show, Wendy was talking about Simon Cowell.  She mentioned that his girlfriend, Lauren, just gave birth to his son days earlier.  Wendy then went on to bash Lauren because her divorce from her husband was not yet finalized when she began dating Cowell.  She essentially called Lauren a hoe.


However, she then congratulated Christina Aguliera on her engagement to her boyfriend.  Did she forget that Christina and said boyfriend were living together before Christina’s divorce was finalized, too?  And in her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s house….where he was still living?  I’m sure that was a wonderful situation for Max, Christina’s son.


How can Wendy be such a hypocrite?  Why is it okay for Christina to hook up with someone while still being married, but not Lauren?  What type of double standard is Wendy setting?


Personally, I think both women were in the wrong.  However, Christina is in the public eye more than Lauren.  In fact, I had never even heard of this Lauren person until I watched The Ellen Show and saw an interview with Simon.


It has become quite clear to me that Wendy has certain favorites.  If she doesn’t like you, she is fully prepared to call you out on national television.  This saddens me greatly because I felt that she used to provide a quality show that remained on a positive level. I think it is time that people ask Wendy “Why you judgin’?”




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