Don’t Forget Dexter! Book Review

Dexter T. Rexter is the coolest dinosaur around. He lives with his best friend, Jack. One day, the pair go to the doctor for a check-up.

Dexter was so into his coloring that he did not see Jack leave. He tries everything he can to get Jack to come back. Panic sets in as Dexter worries that he may be left at the doctor’s office forever!

What if Jack left Dexter behind on purpose? What if he is being replaced by other toys? Will Dexter spend the rest of his days alone?

I absolutely adore this book! I fell in love with Dexter on page one. I love how expressive his eyes and eyebrows are. I truly connected with the plot as well. When I was young, I had a stuffed bear named Curly that literally went everywhere with me. My heart would have broken if he had gone missing.

I think that showing the bond between a child and toy through the eyes of the toy is especially gripping. I was crying right along with Dexter. I believe that adult readers will also resonate with the theme of feeling forgotten.

Ward’s illustrations are simplistic yet powerful. Dexter is simply adorable! Not to mention that he is my favorite color, orange. I also love the subtle details such as Dexter’s tummy and claws looking like sheets of notebook paper that a child would draw on.

This is a fantastic book for readers of all ages. Children will love snuggling up with their favorite toy as they cheer Dexter on in his quest to find his best friend.




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