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The Nocturnals Easy Reader #2: The Slithery Shakedown Book Review

The Nocturnal Brigade is back in an all new adventure!  In the second installment of the Nocturnals Easy Reader Series, The Slithery Shakedown, Bismark has a problem.  His friends are late for their nightly rendezvous.

When Dawn and Tobin finally arrive, they see that they are not alone.  A blue bellied snake has slithered his way into the group.  He is not interested in making friends.  Instead, he wants to have Bismark as a snack!

Will Tobin and Dawn be able to save Bismark?  Has the spunky sugar glider finally met his match?

I absolutely love The Nocturnals series!  Whether early reader or chapter book, the stories are always original and the characters are unforgettable.  Bismark’s attitude makes me laugh every time.  His facial expressions are simply hilarious.

I also love that in addition to teaching a moral lesson, the stories are also packed with educational facts.  I find myself learning something new with each book that I read.

This is a wonderful story for children ages 5-7.


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