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Harriet Gets Carried Away Book Review

Harriet loves wearing costumes. Whether she is going to the store, the park or the dentist, Harriet has the perfect costume for every occasion. The day of her dress-up birthday party has arrived. Her dads ask her to get ready to go to the grocery store in preparation.

Donning her penguin costume, Harriet heads to the store. Her dads go to the deli and Harriet waddles off in search of party hats. On her way to the party aisle, she sees a group of penguins getting bags of ice in the frozen section!

Curious Harriet follows the penguin pack to a group of hot air balloons waiting outside. The penguins quickly accept her as one of their own and begin to head back to the arctic. Will Harriet be able to find her way back home? Will she miss her own birthday party?

I absolutely love this book! Harriet is a delightful character full of spunk and heart. I love that Harriet expresses herself through costumes. She doesn’t appear to care what others think of her. Harriet is unique and she owns it!

I also love that Sima embraces different family units. Harriet has two dads, unlike your typical children’s picture book. I am reminded of a similar family dynamic in the picture book Honey and Leon. Children definitely need to be exposed to the ever expanding family types and Sima conveys this beautifully through her illustrations and text.

Sima’s illustrations are simply stunning. The cool color palate gives off a chilly vibe, perfect for reading about penguins. Children will fall in love with Harriet and her tuxedo clad friends.

I greatly admire Sima’s attention to detail along with hints of foreshadowing in her illustrations. I love that Harriet’s dog enjoys playing dress-up too. If you look closely, you will see that Harriet has a poster of Kelp, the unicorn turned narwhal from Sima’s first picture book, Not Quite Narwhal. See what other things you and your child can find as you read together!

I had the great honor of meeting Jessie Sima at the book release event for this book at The Novel Neighbor in Webster Groves, Missouri. Sima is extremely down to earth and one of the friendliest people on the planet. I cannot wait to see what she works on next.

This is a fantastic read for children ages 4-8.




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“Priceless Penny” Kickstarter.com Campaign Goes Live

Upon completing the manuscript for “Priceless Penny,” I remember thinking “Now what?”  I have this amazing story that needs to be told and yet, I have no idea what to do next.  I figured I should try to find an illustrator that could truly capture Penny’s incredible spirit.

This was no easy task.  My husband and I looked at over 20 different versions of Penny.  We saw everything from digital concepts to an oil painting.  And I must say, there are some super-talented people out there.  I am jealous!

We selected Ms. Shameema Dharsey from South Africa.  Her cartoon version of Penny is simply adorable.  With an illustrator in place, I blindly groped my way toward the next step.  However, I noticed that there appeared to be a trend:  all of the steps required money.

Now, I definitely believe in paying people for their time and talent.  The only problem is, I am not wealthy.  That is when Ms. Dharsey told me about Kickstarter.com.  Through this website, you can showcase your project to people all over the world.  If people like your project, they can “back” you and make a pledge.

In return for pledges, you can offer varying types of rewards.  I have three different awards for those who wish to support the “Priceless Penny” project.

So, please check out my project’s campaign at: 


Your support is appreciated!

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